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Top 10 Best Bourbon Whiskey Brands

There’s no better way to end your day than with a drink in hand. And no better drink to have than a glass of bourbon whiskey. It’s rich in flavor and history, making you have an experience like no other.

Additionally, it takes time to find a high-quality brand that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars a bottle. With prices rising in the industry, getting a good deal sounds like a pipe dream. But that doesn’t need to be the case anymore.

Here’s a list of 10 brands worth a try that come at a great deal without sacrificing quality and texture. From the savory Brenne to the much famed Canadian Club and the flavor-laden Paul John, you can get a bottle at an incredible deal for New Year’s Goals promotion.

Canadian Club Chronicles 42 Year Old Issue no.2  

It’s always a great pleasure to taste something two decades old, let alone a four-decade-old Canadian dram. Barrelled in the 1970s, this drink was not bottled until two years ago. The result is a premium classic drink with unrivaled flavors.

The aromas range from a bit of orange marmalade, rye spice, and lemon zest among others. Some of the flavors you may come across in the drink include dense baking spices, vanilla cream, and citrus zests. The finish is as savory as ever.

Alfred Giraud Heritage French Malt Whisky

A blend of three distinct malt distillates that rivals no other, you will certainly appreciate its excellent taste. The Giraud family has been in the distillery business for generations and we can certainly agree that they’ve more than perfected their blends.

This drink has a delicate yet fresh aroma of jasmine, new oaks, honey, and a hint of lemon zest. The Anjou pears taste with some shortbread biscuits and floral notes is definitely refreshing. The finish is medium-long and a bit sweet.

Crown Royal XR Blue Label

First things first, the XR Blue Label container is simply classy. As a top-selling and award-winning brand of Canadian whiskey, you would appreciate high-quality, clean drinks that highlight your class.

The Crown Royal has a light, dry and lengthy spicy finish that’s often hard to come by. It tastes like a good old toffee cookie. The smell is even better, butterscotch with a hint of rye spice.

Cotswolds Founder’s Choice

Several things make this one of the finest whiskeys in the world. From its unique mouthwatering aroma to its incredible finish and its one-of-a-kind taste, you can be sure to end your day in style.

Cotswolds Founder’s Choice shares the smell of espresso, a little bit of cheese danish, and some notes of ripe plums. The taste is even better. Who wouldn’t like the taste of spice cake, gingerbread, and stewed stone fruits swimming in their taste buds? To top it all, this warm amber-colored drink has a grainy chewy bread notes finish.

Pendleton 1910 12 Year Old Whisky

This 12 year old drink is a pure, a hundred percent rye whiskey that comes in limited editions each year. It features a rich amber appearance with a long, warm, spicy finish.

As for the taste and aroma, you will enjoy a nice note of pipe tobacco and maple aroma and butterscotch, raw baking spices, and cherry on your palates.

Brenne 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Made where all the best French Limousin oak barrels are made, you can only expect the best from this decade-old whiskey. If you like the sandalwood aroma or vanilla caramel with a hint of floral aromas, then this will probably be your new favorite drink.

The finish has a whole load of a lengthy but impressive profile. You can anticipate a black pepper, vanilla cream, sweet and burnt profile. Lastly, the taste is also impressive, including a silky, smooth note of milk chocolate and candied orange zest.

Paul John Bold

Made by award-winning whiskey distilleries, the Paul John Bold line is one of the finest quality drinks ever bottled. What most people like about this brand is the way it tastes just like a classic Islay with a medium length, spicy oak, and peat finish.

The aroma is that of tart apple, dry grass, sea salt, and citrus wood. Additionally, it tastes like honey-granola, citrus zest, fresh ground coffee, and peat.

Armorik Double Maturation

This gem is a perfect classic whiskey with both flavor and texture. The double maturation does the trick of bringing out a unique flavor and rounding it off nicely.

With a fresh caramel appearance, you will enjoy a lengthy malt finish with a hint of vanilla and dark fruit. As always, the taste has an incredible flavor profile including a hint of honey melangé.

Starward Two-Fold Double Grain

The finest of Aussie whiskeys, this brand is excellent in so many ways. For starters, made in Melbourne, you cannot mistake the quality of its maturity thanks to the great climate of the place.

But that’s only the tip of what makes it a great brand. The finish, aroma, and taste are just as perfectly incredible. It’s smooth and delicious with notes of bread, spice, and lush fruit. For the nose, you will love the caramel, chocolate, berry, and toffee.

Paul John Edited

This is a single malt drink made with no chill filtering. With ingredients from both India and Scotland, you can be sure of an exquisite product that puts this brand on the charts. Plus, it’s fermented and distilled right on the brand’s site in Goa.

For your nose, expect bold notes of oak, barley, lemon, honey, and malt. While for your palate, the usual nice spiciness, sweet, savory, and briny tastes prevail. There’s also a hint of crème brûlée, mixed woods, and orange-blossom honey. As for the finish, be in for a lengthy surprise with some notes of Sazerac and dark chocolates.

All these brands have exquisite tastes, aromas, and finish that make them the bulls of the industry. Each unique on its own, the collection is certainly a must-have.