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Best White Wines

If there’s any wine that can truly be called “timeless,” it’s white wine. Sure, red wine might hold court as the most romantic, while a good rosé is usually considered the unofficial drink of summer. But white wine is equally well-suited to just about any occasion you can think of.

When perfectly chilled, the bright, crisp flavors of chardonnay, pinot gris, and sauvignon blanc are the epitome of refreshing. Thanks to their versatility, white wines can complement anything from a hearty pasta dish to a light charcuterie. Needless to say, if you don’t have at least a few great white wine options in your collection, now is the time.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best white wine varietals, giving you 11 different bottles to choose from. So, make some room in your wine fridge and get out a glass, because you’re sure to find something to suit your vino style.

1. 2019 Fog Harbor Chardonnay

Everyone should have a classic, oaked California Chardonnay in their wine fridge, and the 2019 Fog Harbor Chardonnay is a prime example of signature characteristics like smooth, creamy texture and fruity flavors. 

It’s a medium to full-bodied white wine that gives off incredible aromas of lemon meringue and fresh cream pie, earning a loyal fan base as an easy-to-drink option. You’ll taste a medley of ripe tropical fruit, like banana and pineapple, as well as hints of toasted nuts and vanilla. A subtly buttery element comes from the oak-barrel aging process, combining with its fruit-forward taste for a wine that complements seafood and shellfish, pot pies, chicken and pork, and roasted root vegetables. 

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2. Villa Rosa Vinho Branco 

This Portuguese wine is by winemaker Osvaldo Amado, and undergoes a precise fermentation process to achieve its notable flavor. Made with a blend of Maria-Gomes, Bical, and Arinto grapes, Villa Rosa Vinho Branco is a fresh and fruity wine with hints of citrus throughout. Despite being light-bodied and slightly acidic, it offers an impressive harmony of flavors.

You’ll notice the lemon-gold hue and crystalline appearance before you ever uncork the bottle, and low tannins from the first sip. This white wine is ideal for a relaxed afternoon or evening, pairing well with grilled white meat, shellfish, and roasted fish. 

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3. Villa Amoroso Moscato Vino Dolce I.G.T. 

Fans of Moscato will adore the Villa Amoroso Moscato Vino Dolce I.G.T., a spritzy white wine from the Lombardia province of Italy. Sweet and delightfully light-hearted, this Moscato has notes of peach and citrus. It’s been honored with multiple industry awards, including being named the Best of Class in the Harvest Challenge Wine Competition. 

Consider serving this dessert wine with a homemade fruit pie for the sweet summer memories.

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4. Calvari Organic White Blend

An organic white wine hailing from Italy, the Calvari Organic White Blend is made from grapes that are sustainably farmed using dry farming techniques. In addition to being environmentally conscious, dry farming is also believed to yield grapes with significantly more intense flavors – you’ll have to sample a sip to decide for yourself. 

The Calvari white wine is infused with flavors of apricot, peach, and honey, which are accompanied by light floral aromas. On top of being an organic wine, it is also gluten-free and vegan, making it a good option for those with specific dietary preferences. Pair this white wine with vegetable dishes, fresh salads, or grilled fish for tasty match.

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5. 2020 Terra Sara Verdejo 

The 2020 Terra Sara Verdejo is a follow-up to Zuazo Gastó’s award-winning vintage from the previous year, continuing the family-owned winery’s legacy of exceptional artisanal wines. Since 1850, the Spanish winery has crafted magnificent varietals in a region best known for its red wines – but this fruity white wine is an absolute stand-out.

The combination of peach, lime, and melon flavors are married with aromas of citrus, apple, and herbs, delivering a lively experience. Thirst-quenching and very approachable, the 2020 Terra Sara Verdejo is equally enjoyable on its own or with cheese plates and light salads. 

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6. 2020 Cala De’ Poeti Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC

If you’re someone that likes to keep an eye out for gorgeously designed labels, the 2020 Cala De’ Poeti Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC has one that’s sure to catch your eye. Featuring a vibrant reproduction of an oil painting created at the Castellani family estate, the label is a nod to the generations of winemakers behind this fantastic white. 

It’s a classically crisp Pinot Grigio with a zesty palate of citrus, accented by a touch of minerality and refreshing acidity. Serve this wine ice-cold with grilled artichokes, crab cakes, or fish tacos.

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7. 2020 Les Grandes Caves d’Albret Blanc

The intensely aromatic 2020 Les Grandes Caves d’Albret Blanc is made in France’s Colombard region, best known for sophisticated white wines just like this one. As your swirl the wine in your glass, you’ll pick up on floral notes of wisteria and acacia, alongside elements of ripe white fruits. A lemony peach flavor stems from the Chardonnay grapes in this blend, followed by a subtle hint of green mango.

Bright acidity balances the fruity palate, making for a white wine that works well with light dishes such as sushi, grilled shrimp, and antipasto. 

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8. 2020 Tericus Vinho Branco Tejo

The 2020 Tericus Vinho Branco Tejo is a masterpiece from Portugal’s Falua Sociedade de Vinhos, a winery led by award-winner innovator Antonia Barbosa. Dedicated to crafting vibrant wines that evoke a powerful sense of place, Barbosa incorporated a unique variety of local grapes into this white wine.

The tropical aromas of mango and pineapple are interwoven with gentle floral notes, serving as an enticing opening to the citrusy, medium-bodied taste. After each sip, a perfumed finish lingers. This is a white wine that’s ideal for the warmer temperatures of spring and summer, and a complement to the light, fresh meals such as pasta primavera and grilled white fish.

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9. 2020 Pajarito Sauvignon Blanc

Playful yet elegant, the 2020 Pajarito Sauvignon Blanc is a Chilean white wine from the award-winning Cremaschi Furlotti winery. With over a century of winemaking experience, the family has produced distinctly Italian-inspired wines using the latest technology and eco-friendly innovations. 

The brilliant yellow-green color hints at the wine’s lemon, lime, and green apple aromas, as well as its sharp acidity and citrus fruit notes. Chill the Pajarito Sauvignon Blanc to 45-49 degrees Fahrenheit for a fabulous partner for fresh seafood, colorful salads, and grilled chicken.

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10. 2019 Domaine Saint André Blanc

The 2019 Domaine Saint André Blanc is produced in a well-respected Mediterranean French winery, using traditional French winemaking practices to accentuate its aromatic potential. Rich, fruity notes are pleasantly offset by a combination of lime, tropical fruit, and herbal flavors, with each sip punctuated by a mineral finish.

Serve chilled with seafood or light salads, or enjoy as an aperitif. 

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11. 2019 Cantina di Solopaca Greco D.O.P.

If you like dry white wine, then the 2019 Cantina di Solopaca Greco D.O.P. might easily make its way to your list of go-to favorites. The crisp acidity of this wine is balanced with a slightly tannic finish, as well as fruity, floral notes and a touch of minerality and freshly-cut grass. 

A product of one of the region’s oldest farmers’ cooperatives, this delicious white wine has a natural acidity that goes best with seafood pasta, fried calamari, and white meats.

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