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10 Amazing Silly April Fools’ Pranks

Nothing tops the memories we make each April Fools’ by making victims of our colleagues, friends, and families with great gag gift pranks. If you’re looking forward to making this year’s pranks even bigger and better, then you’re going to need a couple of supplies. Here is a list of some of the greatest gag gifts and joke props for April Fools’ with amazing deals that you can use to top up your game:

April Fools’ Day Props: Highly Concentrated Odor Spray

Stink sprays often make the ultimate prank lists for April Fools’ and Halloween. They are easy to use and last for at least 15 minutes outside and even longer inside the house where there’s little air movement. This odor spray is capped and therefore doesn’t really smell bad until you use it. However, the stink is so potent when used that it can leave anyone breathless. It smells like a real fart from a person who just ate rotten boiled eggs and ensures you get a good laugh from the look of your victims’ scrunched-up faces full of disgust.

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Hidden Meowing Cat Prank

Imagine hearing realistic cat sounds in the house without being able to locate where it’s coming from every 15 or so minutes. And the sounds keep alternating between regular cat sounds and urgent ones. Anyone would freak out! This hidden meowing cat prank does exactly that. Moreover, the batteries can last for at least 3 days. It’s fun, freaky, and just what you need. You can also choose from various sounds, including recording your own, fart sounds, crickets, and smoke detectors.

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Fake Spider and Wooden Box Gag Gift

It’s not every day you get a prank with a unique twist. We’ve all seen fake bugs that don’t elicit any reaction from our victims or us. How is this one different? First off, the packaging is an awesome prank in itself. Anyone would think you’re carrying a box full of tarantula eggs. Secondly, the rubber spider is quite realistic with such intricate detail that it can give anyone a good scare (even you, if you’re not careful enough). The box is also made of premium pine wood with a great finish and waterproof lacquer as the last touch. You can reuse it as a unique envelope holder. This package makes a great gag gift for any occasion.

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Stinky Hand Sanitizer Prank

At a time when everyone is stocking up on hand sanitizer, April Fools won’t be fun until there’s a hand sanitizer prank. This is the perfect gag gift for your unsuspecting recipients that will see you laughing for hours on end. You can use it at parties to get the desired effect and watch as your victims freak out over the horrible smell coming from their hands. This hand gel prank rightfully lives up to its Stinky Ass name.

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Wireless Remote Control Mock Fake Rat

We all have someone who is terrified of mice or bugs. Our pets may also enjoy chasing anything that runs in front of them, especially cute little mice. Well, here’s the perfect mock fake mouse to prank them with for a funny reaction. Made of high-quality material, this toy mouse is lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere with you. It’s powered by three 1.5V AAA batteries and is remote-controlled. The controller is also powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries and allows you to move the mouse forward or backward. Moreover, it’s gray and looks very realistic. The package doesn’t include batteries.

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2pcs Shocking Pen Fun Toy

The whole point of a prank is to give someone a little shock. This shocking electric pen toy does so both literally and figuratively. While it may not be the best prank to pull on adults over 50 years old or children below the age of 14, it’s the perfect prank for anyone in between. You get two regular-looking ball pens that you can either switch with the real thing or offer to your loved ones as a joke gift. The shock will give them a jump. Also, note that the package is inclusive of the battery.

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Electric Shock Joke Chewing Gum Shocking Toy

Here’s another shocking gadget to use. This electric joke chewing gum is quite simple to fool someone with on April Fools. It’s not something out of the ordinary that can create suspicion of a misadventure. When you offer it, the recipient just sees it as a regular pack of chewing gum. All you have to do is wait for them to try pulling out a piece of gum and watch with satisfaction as they get a harmless shock. Simple, right? This gadget is battery-operated and comes with it.

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Fake Parking Tickets Prank

When they say these are the greatest, most realistic parking tickets in the universe, they’re not kidding. You get 25 tickets with just the right amount of space for you to fill in all the violation information you want and tick off from the 30 offense options provided. It allows you to have fun, stretch the limits of your imaginations while giving your loved ones the chance to see you as the prank master you are. Additionally, it’s not only adult but also child friendly. For anyone who wants to play police, here’s your chance.

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Rectal Use Only Stickers

Who doesn’t appreciate funny stickers? This is the simplest way to up your pranking game and get away with it, as everyone else is too preoccupied with the funny messages to start looking for the culprit. You can carry them anywhere, including social events like birthday parties, the office, or even when visiting your ‘too serious for a laugh’ loved ones. Besides, the stickers have just the right amount of adherence and can remain in place until you peel them off. Some of the messages include No Backend Messes, Cans and Keisters, No Ifs or Butts, Pink Rumps, and Juicy Behinds. If you’re looking for a misadventure to embark on, then this is definitely for you.

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Prank Fake Lottery Tickets

Wouldn’t it be great to just gift a friend, colleague, or family member with a winning lottery ticket? I mean, you know it’s fake; there are signs that it’s fake. But it’s still real enough to fool anyone. Moreover, printed using Hyper-Realistic Printing (HPR)Technology, both sides look pretty realistic, with scan codes, barcodes, and perforation on the top and bottom that’s typical of lottery tickets. On the back, hidden in plain sight, is information in the fine print that if anyone bothers to read (which almost no one reads), they would know it’s a fake. You get at least 10 tickets, each with a winning scratch-off of at least $10000 and an easy-to-understand winning design. All tickets have the same winning designs and the same winning numbers.

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April Fools comes with lots of great deals you can take advantage of and ensures you and those around you have a little harmless fun. If you’ve always been the victim of such pranks, it’s time to show everyone that you’re perhaps the greatest prankster of your era. If you’ve always been the prank king (or queen), then the above deals can help you up your game. Check out these deals while stocks last.