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Best Sauvignon Blanc Wines

Sauvignon Blanc is one of France’s classic grapes for winemaking and has been a staple in white wines for centuries. As one of the most popular types of wine in the world, at least one bottle of Sauvignon Blanc can usually be found in the wine fridges of fine wine connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike. 

One of the things that so many wine enthusiasts enjoy about Sauvignon Blancs is the deliciously delightful range of flavor profiles to choose from. Depending on where a specific variety of Sauvignon Blanc grapes were grown, your bottle might have elements of tropical fruit, fresh grassiness, or even a crisp mineral quality. So, there really is a Sauvignon Blanc for everyone!

Fresh, acidic, and refreshing, Sauvignon Blanc wine pairs perfectly with goat cheese, vegetables, and many other summertime favorites. If you don’t already have a few bottles on hand – and even if you do – we’ve pulled together a list of the best Sauvignon Blancs you can shop for right now.  

1. 2020 Pajarito Sauvignon Blanc

With a name that translates to “birdie,” this 2020 Sauvignon Blanc has all the liveliness and vibrancy to match. Created by an award-winning winery in Chile, Pajarito Sauvignon Blanc is pleasantly dry but flavorful, making for a refreshing drink that’s best served chilled. 

The vivid yellow-green color is representative of this wine’s aromas of green apple, lemon, and lime, as well as the burst of acidity you’ll experience from the very first sip. A balance of citrus and floral notes is complemented by soft tannins and a medium body, followed by a satisfying finish. 

The Pajarito Sauvignon Blanc hails from the Cremaschi Furlotti family, a pillar of Chilean winemaking for more than a century. Their eco-friendly practices earned them one of the country’s first Wines of Chile Sustainable Certification honors, so this is a bottle you can feel good about purchasing. 

We recommend making Pajarito Sauvignon Blanc one of your go-to summer white wines and serving it with fresh seafood, salads, and grilled chicken dishes. 

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2. 2018 Fog Harbor Sauvignon Blanc

The colorful, modern label on the 2018 Fog Harbor Sauvignon Blanc will immediately catch your eye, but this white wine is more than just its stylish bottle. Made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes from California, the wine carries the region’s characteristically fruit-forward flavor as well as a bright freshness and acidity. 

It’s an enjoyably dry wine with interwoven apple and citrus notes, leaving you with a smooth, balanced finish after each sip. The light- to medium-bodied wine is versatile and impressively thirst-quenching and serves as an excellent match for coastal California dishes. Try pouring a glass to accompany sauteed green vegetables, goat cheese, or fresh-herbed chicken, and you can elevate your summertime meal considerably. 

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3. 2019 Bernard Magrez Sauvignon Blanc

Bernard Magrez is considered one of the Bordeaux region’s leading innovators, recognized for his impeccable standards of excellence and exceptional attention to detail. With a series of award-winning wines to his name, he’s proven his skill yet again with the 2019 Bernard Magrez Sauvignon Blanc. 

Because of its approachability, this white wine is an ideal choice for entertaining. Its bright notes of citrus, stone fruits, and florals have a broad appeal, and the 2019 Bernard Magrez holds its own alongside a variety of dishes. The balanced, crisp French Sauvignon Blanc will keep you cool and comfortable on even the warmest summer evening, rounding out each sip with a refreshing finish. 

When you have white meats, fish, salads, or sauteed vegetables on the menu, make sure to have a 2019 Bernard Magrez Sauvignon Blanc bottle in your wine fridge for an outstanding complement. 

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4. 2019 Merveille de Vignes Sauvignon Blanc by EthicDrinks

Are you searching for the best vegan wines on the market? Few options can compare to this fantastic Sauvignon Blanc from EthicDrinks, a leader in sustainability and quality.

Notes of tropical fruit and citrus take your palate on a delicious journey, which is only enhanced by the aromas of white flowers. Brightly acidic, dry, and balanced, this Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile wine that can fit into nearly any dinner menu. It’s often best enjoyed as an aperitif or served with seafood and pasta dishes such as fresh oysters, mussels, or spaghetti with prawns.

The 2019 Merveille de Vignes Sauvignon Blanc is a French white wine made using eco-friendly practices, then bottled using recycled materials and absolutely no plastics. Aside from being an example of the gold standard in sustainability, the wine has also received multiple industry awards.

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