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15 Effective Repellents to Keep Flies Away

Flying insects like mosquitoes, midges, flies, moths, etc., always find a way to disrupt your peace, whether outdoors or indoors. You’ll hardly read your book or sip your coffee without episodes of clapping and slapping to keep them at bay.

Fly repellents come in different designs and are an excellent choice to ward off insects. You can choose from a wide selection of lotions, sprays, sticky traps, electric swatters, and many others. All these products are online, and you can save big deals on all these varieties.

Here are our best fly repellents that you can use for great results.


1. Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Fly Stick Trap with Hanging Hook

Trappify incorporates an ultra-sticky technique on the cylindrical trap so that no insect can escape the trap once it steps on it. You’ll only need to put some attractant on the cap at the bottom end and then hang it where there are insects. With this repellent, your house will be safe from irritating insects for 90 days.

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2. Indoor Fly Trap

The indoor flytrap has a strong UV light that attracts insects. Once they come closer, the fan sucks them into the sticky board. It works best when the light is off. It’s a perfect choice if you want a quick solution to the bugs like mosquitoes. However, it’s less effective when dealing with flies.

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3. Ortho Home Defense Flying Bug Killer with Essential Oils

This aerosol is formulated with safe essential oils like castor oil, geraniol, cornmint oil, clove oil, and cinnamon oil so that you can use it even around pets and kids. It kills mosquitoes and flies instantly, and you can use it confidently around your house.

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4. Bug Repellent Fan

With a bug repellent fan, you won’t need to withstand strong scents from sprays and sticky repellents to keep away flying insects. TREVA designs this fan with special blades that distort the light line, and that’s scary for the bugs, so they stay away. The best thing about this fan is that you’ll keep away the bugs and enjoy the fresh air as well.

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5. Rechargeable Bug Zapper Racket

The racket is built with a 4,000-volt grid that kills any flying insect instantly. When fully charged, you can zap it up to 10,000 times, thus providing excellent protection for you. To use it, hold the racket on the long frame, swing it where the insects are, and shake it off to get rid of the dead insects. Easy! This racket is definitely a great choice.

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6. Fly Trap Indoor

The FVOAI Flytrap is excellent for tapping insects indoors. It emits an attractive UV light that most flying insects love. Its design allows the insects to step on the sticky glue board and remain held there. For best results, place it near a plant and leave it on for about 6-12 hours.

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7. Bug Zapper Fruit Fly Trap

This Zapper is designed to lure the bugs to it and then kill them instantly. It has an attractive high wavelength UV light to attract flying insects and a 700-Volt grid to kill them. For best results, keep the room closed and dark for at least 3 hours before you go to sleep and keep it on for 12 more hours.

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8. Sticky Fly Trap Ribbon

The Catchmaster’s Sticky fly ribbon attracts up to 100 flies with its special fly-attracting scent. With one tube holding 20 ribbons, you can enjoy a whole season free of flies. It’s safe and non-toxic so that you can use it comfortably both indoors and outdoors.

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9. Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap

Flies are attracted to the irresistible scent emitted by this trap. They come in pursuit of the scent and drown in the water. If you’re looking for fast results without any mess, this disposable fly trap will do the job for you, and then you dispose of it once it’s full. The only downside with this trap is that you can’t use it indoors.

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BUG-A-SALT devices are available in 2.5 and 3.0 versions to help you get rid of bugs by shooting salt at them. It incorporates a fun approach to keeping bugs away, and the soft-bodied insects will have no defense against it. This is definitely a must-try!

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11. Fly Paper

Place your flypaper in a strategic location where you can catch most insects. Once they step on that paper, they cannot escape. The glue doesn’t weaken in months, and so it will keep catching the insects all through.

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12. Fly Fruit and Gnat Trap

The yellow fruity design on this trap works the magic. When placed outdoors, it attracts the insects, and they remain stuck on it all through. Since it’s designed to work outdoors, it’s resistant to sunlight and rainwater, so it remains effective. It will last you long enough and can remove it only when the whole space is covered with insects.

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13. Giant Sticky Fly Trap Roll

The giant sticky fly trap roll catches and kills all the bugs, including the strong ones. You’ll only need to hang it indoors or outdoors, and it will lure the bugs to it. It’s a safe option because it emits no odors or chemicals.

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14. Pest Control Essential Oil Concentrate

The concentrate requires you to add water as indicated on the pack and then spray around your house. It’s a perfect control strategy for ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, ticks, and mosquitoes. The concentrate is safe and poses no risk to you.

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15. Fly Swatters with Hooks

These plastic fly swatters are flexible and convenient, thus allowing you to strike any insect faster without breaking. The hooks will enable you to hang the swatters on the wall after use to save you space. You can use them for a long time as they don’t break easily.

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From the above list, have you found a fly repellent that resonates with what you want? The best time to get rid of those bugs and enjoy your space is now. Most of the discussed methods are environmentally friendly and safe for you. Take advantage of these great deals and enjoy the season in peace.