Best Picnic Basket Sets

Few things say summer, like a picnic on a sunny afternoon. From the very first picnic lunch of the season (the unofficial kickoff to summertime) to romantic evening dinners under the stars, there are so many ways to enjoy your picnic experience.

When it comes to packing your food and drinks, the right equipment can make all the difference. And while a reusable grocery bag is a satisfactory stand-in, nothing can come close to the functionality – and the charm – of a picnic basket. In most of today’s picnic basket sets, everything you need for eating and drinking is included. All you’ll need to do is add in your favorite foods and beverages, then hunt down a prime picnic spot.

We’ve searched high and low to bring you the best picnic basket sets for sale this summer, giving you a variety of options for making dining alfresco more convenient than ever.

1. Wicker Picnic Basket Set for 4 Person with Food Cooler

When you picture a perfect picnic scene in a classic movie, this Wicker Picnic Basket Set is likely precisely what you’re imagining. The large wicker basket is made with durable willow, lined with a blue and white striped fabric, and accented with leather carrying handles. On the side of the basket, a matching picnic blanket is securely strapped in, while the interior holds all of the flatware, plates, and glasses for a four-person meal. Thoughtful details like an insulated cooler compartment make this basket as functional as it is beautiful. 

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2. G GOOD GAIN Willow Picnic Basket Set for 2 Persons with Large Insulated Cooler Bag

The traditional picnic basket design gets a stylish update in this version from G GOOD GAIN. The natural wicker basket is a neutral shade that complements the cream and tan canvas straps, coordinating wonderfully with the sweet cherry-printed linen napkins. A waterproof picnic blanket is included in the set, so even dewy grass or wet sand won’t put a damper on the fun. Porcelain plates, stainless steel cutlery, and real wine glasses complete this elegantly modern set.

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3. Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4 Person Set for Family Outdoor Camping 

This Sunflora set swaps the basket for an easy-to-carry backpack, keeping you hands-free as you head to your picnic destination. A series of color options let you select one that matches your style, and there are enough place settings to serve a family of four. Use the detachable waterproof patch to store cold drinks and ice and the insulated bottle holder to carry your favorite bottle of wine. Other notable features of this useful set include the small bamboo chopping board, a combination corkscrew/knife with a wood handle, and dishwasher-friendly flatware, cups, and dishes.

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4. Nature Gear XL 4 Person Picnic Backpack, Waterproof Blanket, and Full Cutlery Set

This top-rated picnic backpack set boasts an extra-large, insulated main compartment to keep your food and drinks fresh, along with a waterproof blanket that allows you to picnic just about anywhere. In addition, the set has ceramic plates, silverware, and wine glasses for four, with a red checkered napkin for each guest. Because the backpack is designed to secure all of the dinnerware for travel, you won’t have to worry about damaging anything before (or after) your picnic.

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5. ALLCAMP Insulated Cooler Bag Collapsible Portable Picnic Basket 

This portable picnic basket is an excellent addition to any picnic, but it also excels when it comes to putting all your picnic supplies away. Its collapsible design folds flat in seconds, saving you valuable storage space. Then, when a beautiful day calls for a spontaneous picnic, you can easily pop open the basket to restore it to its full size. Durable features like an aluminum frame, heavy-duty canvas exterior, and leakproof lining will help this basket last through many summer seasons.

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6. Nature Gear Upgraded 4 Person XL Picnic Basket 

The XL Picnic Basket from Nature Gear is the epitome of posh picnicking, complete with red and white checkered napkins, elegant wine glasses, and a honey-colored wicket basket. Your picturesque set-up will be a lovely backdrop to pleasant summertime memories while also checking all the boxes for practicality. For example, a custom-designed insulated interior ensures safe food storage, so you’ll never be stuck with lukewarm beverages or spoiled sandwiches.

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7. HappyPicnic 25L Insulated Cooler Bag with Foldable Aluminum Handle 

Take your picnic from the park to the beach (and anywhere else) with this cheerful cooler bag from HappyPicnic. Made with premium cotton canvas and lined with leakproof and food-safe aluminum foil, the cooler bag is an excellent example of quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. When your picnic is over, you can fold down the handle and collapse the bag, which stores completely flat.

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8. INNO STAGE 40L Large Insulated Cooler Tote, XL Portable Wine Carrier Bag Picnic Cooler Bag with Portable Bamboo Wine Snack Table 

Do you wish you could somehow pack a table for your next picnic? As it turns out, you can! The INNO STAGE Large Insulated Cooler Tote comes with a portable bamboo snack table, complete with two handy holders for wine glasses and a secure spot for a wine bottle. So say goodbye to spills and enjoy a comfortable meal anywhere: on the beach, at a festival, while camping, or even just at your favorite picnic spot.

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9. CALIFORNIA PICNIC Picnic Basket Set Deluxe 

Start the day with a freshly-poured coffee and a picnic breakfast; or, end the evening’s picnic meal with an invigorating shot of hot espresso. This deluxe picnic basket includes a four-person coffee service set, as well as a vacuum flask, insulated wine holder, wood cheese board, salt, and pepper shakes, and dinnerware for four. For a first-class picnic experience that’s nicer than your average restaurant, this is the set to buy.

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10. Picnic Basket Shoulder Tote 

This picnic tote is a stylish solution that can be used for various occasions, including family outings, pool parties, camping trips, and more. It’s fully insulated for food storage and safety and also includes plates, cutlery, glasses, and napkins, as well as salt and pepper shakers and a handy corkscrew. Serve up some snacks on the compact cheese board, then kick back and relax on the XL picnic blanket.

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