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Best Outdoor Wooden Picnic Tables

Ask just about anybody, and they’ll agree that there’s just something about outdoor dining that makes any meal extra-enjoyable. Whether it’s the fresh air, the warm sun, or the sights, sounds, and smells of nature, dining alfresco-style just can’t be beaten.

But before you can make the most of mealtime outdoors, you’re going to need a comfortable and functional set-up. Timeless, affordable, and versatile enough to suit any style, a classic wooden picnic table makes for an excellent addition to any deck, backyard, or patio.

Spend less time shopping and more time relaxing outdoors, thanks to this handy roundup of the best outdoor wooden picnic tables available now.

1. 2-in-1 Transforming Interchangeable Outdoor Wooden Picnic Table/Garden Bench for Backyard

It’s always a plus to find outdoor furniture that can serve more than one purpose, and this one-of-a-kind picnic table is the perfect example of “double-duty.” The natural fir table can be transformed into a two-seater garden bench within seconds, requiring just one hand and zero tools. It also has a tabletop hole to fit an umbrella, offering a shaded set-up for hot summer days.

Whether you’re working with a small outdoor area or simply appreciate versatility at its best, this interchangeable picnic table and garden bench duo is a great option.

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2. 6-Person Circular Outdoor Wooden Picnic Table

Enjoy good food alongside a great conversation with this circular picnic table that can seat six adults. The circular shape puts a new spin on the traditional design, incorporating three connected benches around the round table. Durable, weather-resistant wood ensures that this table will last through many seasons of outdoor fun.

A natural, blonde finish complements all kinds of outdoor decor and can also be a great starting point for a DIY painting activity if you’re feeling creative.

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3. Folding Table and Chairs Set, Portable Picnic Table

Outdoor enthusiasts and small space dwellers alike will love this foldable picnic table and chairs set. It can comfortably seat four adults, yet it compacts into an easy-to-carry case requiring next to no storage space.

Lightweight yet durable, it’s the perfect picnic table for camping or outdoor events, though it’s equally at home on an apartment balcony, small patio space, or deck. The light finish adds a contemporary element, while the protective clear coat guards against spills, corrosion, and other damage.

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4. Simple Setup Short Table All-Purpose Use and Portability

This petite picnic table can do it all: camping, game night, backyard movie night, a personal tabletop, or even a handy place to rest your laptop. Indoors and out, it can be quickly unfolded to serve its purpose and then put away to save space.

Don’t let its small size fool you; this table is built to last with 100% wood construction. Invented by a creative and talented woodworker, the Short Table packs big-time functionality in a small but mighty design.

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5. Outdoor Convertible Bench

With its modern lines and high-end materials, this outdoor convertible bench is a stylish addition to your outdoor area. The back of the bench has a specialized hinged design that makes it easy to rotate it upwards, instantly transforming it into a single-sided picnic table.

Sold in various shades of brown as well as a medium gray, the convertible bench is made from ultra-tough polystyrene simulated wood for maximum durability. Closely resembling natural wood but requiring none of the maintenance, it won’t fade, chip, crack, or peel.

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6. 3-Piece Portable Folding Picnic Table Set

The traditional, all-wood picnic table gets an update in this portable design. The addition of a black iron frame adds durability and offers an attractive modern touch.

Both the table and matching benches can be folded flat, so they’re easy to take on-the-go or store during the off-season. Add a comfortable dining area to your RV campsite, set up a welcoming meal for an outdoor event, or use this picnic table for everyday enjoyment – with a set as versatile as this one, it’s completely up to you!

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7. Outdoor Acacia Wood Picnic Set

This acacia wood outdoor dining set is a style statement that will completely change the look and feel of your backyard, proving that stunning design isn’t just reserved for inside the home. Its clean, simple lines are both trendy and timeless, resembling modern farmhouse style while still keeping a classic look.

Both the table and bench tops feature a slatted design, just one of the many thoughtful details that elevate this outdoor picnic set.

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8. Modern Industrial 3 Piece Acacia Wood Picnic Dining Set

Do you prefer an industrial-chic style for your outdoor dining area? This three-piece picnic set combines a powder-coated iron frame with acacia wood for a modern, sophisticated result.

Because the two benches stand separate from the table, you have the option to use the set in a variety of ways: set it up as a standard picnic table, or use the table for buffet-style serving and the benches as open seating. Topped with a few succulents in contemporary-style planters, this set will make a stylish impact in your outdoor area.

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9. Kids Picnic Table Set

Create a kid-friendly space for eating, playing, and imagining with this affordable picnic table for children. Walnut wood covered with safe, water-based paint can stand up to daily use while staying smooth and splinter-free. Rounded corners cut down on accidents, while the lowered seat and table height ensure that little ones can sit comfortably and safely.

The set includes a removable folding umbrella, waterproofed and reinforced for outdoor use. Kids can enjoy a shady space to take a break from their play – then get right back to the fun in the sun!

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10. 3 in 1 Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella and 2 Play Boxes

What do you get when you combine an outdoor activity table with a picnic table for kids? This creative, three-in-one design works hard and plays even harder. The table’s removable top reveals a small sandbox and water tub, offering hours of open-ended outdoor play. Once it’s time for a snack or lunch, simply place the cover back on and invite the kids to come and eat.

Extra-wide seats ensure that everyone has enough room, while an adjustable umbrella protects little ones from the sun.

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Bonus: Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder

Why not welcome your furry, four-legged neighbors to grab a seat at a picnic table all their own? This adorable picnic table is actually a functional squirrel feeder, complete with a cozy bench for fluffy friends to perch. Decay-resistant and easy to mount, the table-style feeder is a fun, entertaining way to keep squirrels away from bird feeders, gardens, and other squirrel-free zones.

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