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Best Glass Wine Decanters & Carafes

Whether you’re pouring a glass of wine from a budget-friendly bottle or a pricier pick, decanting is an easy way to enhance the flavor and aromatic bouquet. And although you might think that decanting is reserved only for the most serious of wine enthusiasts, even the most novice of wine drinkers can appreciate its delicious effects. 

You can find wine decanters in a wide variety of styles, ranging from standard carafes to eclectic designs that look like a piece of art. There are stylish decanters to dress up your bar cart, as well as simple, inexpensive options that put practicality first. But even if you’re just a casual weekend wine drinker, having a well-made decanter on hand is a must.

We’ve searched high and low to find the best glass wine decanters and carafes, picking our top ten favorites for aerating your wine to perfection.

1. Le Chateau Wine Decanter – Hand-Blown Lead-Free Crystal Carafe

The hand-blown crystal carafe from Le Chateau is elegant yet modern, easily complementing any home décor or style. Designed for a full, 750ml bottle of wine, the shape of this wine decanter is specifically engineered to maximize the breathable surface area – which allows for effective aeration. Once you’ve finished the aeration process, the slanted spout makes it simple to pour a glass without spilling a single drop. This beautiful decanter is a great gift for any wine lover, including yourself.

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2. Wine Squirrel Wine Preserving Glass Decanter

With the Wine Squirrel Wine Preserving Glass Decanter, you don’t have to wait until your next big dinner party to open a new bottle of wine. This innovative decanter features an air-tight seal, preventing wine from oxidizing and preserving its flavor for weeks. The patented seal takes just seconds to close and is easily opened once you’re ready for another glass. Plus, without any worry of spills, you can store your wine anywhere – even horizontally in your fridge. 

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3. Stemless Wine Aerator

For many vino fans, drinking a fantastic wine is an experience from beginning to end. With these stemless aerating wine glasses from Chevalier Collection, you can make even a weeknight drink feel luxurious. Each set includes two stemless wine glasses, each one an aerator at its center. As you pour your wine into the glass “core,” it is aerated, then it flows into the wine glass for you to drink. The entire process takes place in your glass, so you’ll never have an excuse to skip aeration. 

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4. Iridescent Crystal Glass Wine Decanter Gift Set

Bring extra flavor to your wine and a pop of color to your home with an iridescent wine decanter from C. Chateau Trouvaille. The classic, wide-bottomed shape is both functional and beautiful, while a special element of sparkle makes this decanter unique. A special plating on the surface of the glass subtly reflects light, adding the slightest shimmer. In addition to the decanter, this set also features a 100% natural cork stopper, stainless steel cleaning beads, a drying stand, and other useful elements. 

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5. Glass Vase Red Wine Aerator

If you prefer understated style, then you’ll love this glass, vase-style wine aerator, and decanter. The functionality of the traditional decanter shape is carefully preserved, even as it gets a contemporary update in this new design. It accommodates a full bottle of wine (750 ml) and is made with an easy-pour spout to minimize mess. You’ll also receive a set of stainless steel cleaning beads, making it simple to properly clean the decanter without damaging the glass. 

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6. Savino Ultimate Luxury Wine Saver Decanter

Savor a single bottle over two, three, or even several days with the Savino Ultimate Luxury Wine Saver Decanter. Effortlessly efficient, this design is made with an air stopper to keep air out and flavor in. Unlike many other wine savers, this one is sleek and stylish, with all the sophistication of a more traditional carafe design. Even once you’ve finished the wine, the convenience continues: the durable, high-quality glass is completely dishwasher-safe!

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7. GoodGlassware Wine Decanter Wide Base and Aerating Punt

Are you searching for a glass wine decanter that is ideal for everyday use? When your evening routine includes a glass of wine, the last thing you want to do is spend several minutes setting up an aerator. With this wide-base wine decanter, you get hassle-free aeration in an impressively attractive design. The lead-free, recycled glass is break-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and the affordable price is just one of the many benefits of this product.

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8. Riedel Cabernet Decanter

Riedel is a centuries-old brand known for its unparalleled craftsmanship and exceedingly high standards of quality – so you can be sure that their take on a glass decanter is going to be as close to perfection as you can get. The curved neck allows for a secure grip, while the clean and simple design lets the wine shine. It’s a gorgeous addition to any dining table or bar area and will completely change the way you enjoy your wine.

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9. Finest Amore Heart Shaped Red Wine Carafe 

Are you pretty passionate about your love for wine? What better way to show that love than with a heart-shaped wine carafe? Pouring wine into this curved carafe is the beginning of a work of visual art, as the wine flows through both sides of the decanter and around the center heart. It’s a wonderful Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift and also makes an adorable wedding gift. The package includes a microfiber cleaning cloth with just the right amount of softness to avoid damaging the decanter when you’re catching a stray drop. 

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10. Luxbe – Wine Decanter Aerator

This unique wine decanter and aerator can be connected directly to a bottle of wine, so you always have the option of pouring the wine back in the bottle when you’re ready. Don’t let the compact design fool you; this decanter can hold about 100 mL more wine than most other sales options. The chic, handblown crystal adds an element of visual appeal to make this decanter a beautiful bar feature. 

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