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Best Office Desk Organizers

Whether your daily commute involves driving to an office or simply walking into your home workspace, having a functional, organized area to complete your daily tasks is a must. Somehow, clutter seems to magically multiply once it comes anywhere near your desk. From paperclips and pens to papers and post-it notes, there is an endless number of items that tend to accumulate.

If your desk is drowning in office supplies, there’s a simple solution that can help you tidy up your work area: an office desk organizer. With so many different organizers for desks available, there’s something for every desk, office, and individual. As they say, a place for everything and everything in its place, right?

We’ve searched high and low to find the best office desk organizers for sale, bringing you a great variety of options to choose from. Find your favorite, then get ready to get organized once and for all.

1. Monitor Stand Riser with Drawer

This combination monitor stand riser and two-drawer organizer is a smart, double-duty product that will totally transform your workspace. Not only will it look better, but it will actually be a healthier environment as well! The monitor riser allows you to raise your screen by nearly 5 inches, encouraging better posture and a more comfortable working position. The durable metal construction is designed with non-skid feet and an open-weave mesh, so all your devices will stay sturdy and cool. There are two drawers build directly into the stand, making it easy to organize all your necessities and keep them within easy reach.

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2. Officemate Seven-Compartment Desk Organizer

Compact but effective, this seven-compartment desk organizer won’t take up too much real estate on your desk. The top section holds pens and other slim supplies, while the middle section is perfect for tucking a few important papers or documents. At the bottom, you can corral all your small sticky notes, paper clips, and other easy-to-lose items in a divided tray and dual swing-out compartments. Our favorite part is the photo holder, which turns this standard office supply into something you can personalize however you’d like. 

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3. Desk Organizer with Adjustable Pen Holder, Pencil Cup, Phone Stand, Sticky Note Tray, Paperclip Storage, and Office Accessories Caddy

If your style is more modern, this sleek set from Office Oasis will suit you. The unique magnetic base comes in three wood-grain options and features non-slip rubber feet so it won’t slide around on your desk. There are six different storage compartments in a variety of sizes, which you can move around in the base to create your ideal configuration. 

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4. Simple Houseware Mesh Desk Organizer with Sliding Drawer, Double Tray and 5 Stacking Sorter Sections

Take advantage of vertical space to minimize the amount of clutter on your desk with this stacking organizer from Simple Houseware. Assembly takes just seconds – and requires no tools. Featuring a side-load letter tray, a 3-compartment drawer, and a five-slot stacking sorter section, the organizer can hold both supplies and papers. Stack the sorter on top of the bottom section, or use it on its own; it’s completely up to you.

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5. Elephance Dual Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Length and Angle, Bamboo Computer Riser with 2 Extra Drawers

If you’re a dual-monitor user, then you already know that having two screens boosts your productivity but also requires extra space. But with this dual-monitor stand and drawer organizer, you have the perfect solution. You’ll be able to easily elevate both your monitors to an ergonomic height, saving you from neck and back strain and correcting your posture in the process. The stand includes two drawers for supply storage, as well as useful space underneath for your keyboard, folders, or other items.

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6. SOULWIT Cable Holder Clips, 3-Pack Cable Management 

Are you fighting a losing battle with cords and cables? Simply stick these cable management holders to your desk or tabletop, and the problem is solved! You can forget about fumbling for dropped cords or untangling a mess of cables because these handy clips keep all of your cables organized and accessible. Each one features a long-lasting adhesive pad that will secure it to your surface of choice. 

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7. LORYERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser – 3 Shelf Screen Laptop Stand with Storage 

Customize your work area with this dual monitor riser and organizer combo, a top-rated product from LORYERGO. The package includes a total of three shelves and six storage slots, using a detachable design that lets you switch up the size, angle, and configuration as needed. Your monitors will be at a better height for viewing, and you’ll gain space for storage on the risers’ sides, between your screens, and even underneath. 

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8. Simple Houseware 6 Tier Wall Mount Document Letter Tray Organizer

Sometimes, you just need a simple office organizer done exceptionally well. This hanging letter tray organizer includes 5 tilted trays for documents or files and a bottom flat tray for any accessories. Mount it on the wall or set it up to stand on your desk, then appreciate how easy it is to stay more organized.

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9. UnionBasic Office Desk Organizer

Upgrade both the form and function of your desk area with this premium faux leather organizer, available in a full range of colors. It’s a small but mighty organizer that includes seven divided compartments, which are ideal for holding anything from your phone and earbuds to stationery supplies. A compact drawer offers extra space, balancing out several storage slots and a small, flat tray area.

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10. Monitor Stand Desk Storage Organizer- Arm Riser Bamboo 2 Tier Laptop Stand with Drawers

This beautiful bamboo desk organizer and riser will complement any office with its modern style and clean aesthetic – don’t be surprised if it makes your workdays a little more enjoyable. You’ll be able to work more comfortably with an elevated monitor, and the added shelf space and side drawer give you options for organization. A useful bracket keeps your phone at hand and out of your way, while the two-tier construction adds visual interest to your desk.

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