The Best Travel Accessories & Deals For Safe, Smart Travel in 2021

Travel has changed a great deal in the last year. What was once a booming tourism business focused on directing tightly packed crowds through airports, hotels, and attractions has become a socially-distanced necessity. Those who travel today do so because they must – or because they profoundly want to. You may be traveling for business or to visit relatives in need. Or you might be taking the entire family camping – as socially distanced as it gets out in the wilderness.

When you leave home for post-covid travel, it’s important to be as prepared as possible. Independence is the watch-word so that you don’t have to rely on (or get close to) anyone outside your bubble during the trip. To this end, we’re spotlighting 10 (hint: 11) awesome travel accessories and great deals to help you prepare for your next pandemic-era travel or camping trip.

1) A KN95 Mask 5-Pack for the Family

Today, everyone is becoming a respiratory mask expert. The best type of mask for both civilian and medical use is the KN95 hazmat grade face masks. These are designed with advanced production against dust, pollen, pollution and, of course viruses.

There are dozens of options for your travel KN95 mask but this 5-Pack of mask is a great deal for the whole family. Disposable and safe, you can keep your family breathing clean air from the moment you leave the house to the moment you arrive at a safe and private destination where the masks can come off.

Get a pack for the whole family

2) UV Light Sanitizer with USB C Charging

Sanitizing your hands, personal items, and nearby surfaces can be an exhausting task – but absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, constantly applying sanitizer is tedious, messy, and causes unpleasantly cracking hands after only a few days of steady cleanliness. The answer? UV Sanitizing.

A small UV wand can make a world of difference for you and your family during risky travel times. This Tronicmaster UV light wand can help you quickly disinfect hands, items, and surfaces so you don’t have to handle drying alcohol-based solutions or worry about liquid bottles of sanitizer on the plane.

Equip your travel plans with UV

3) 50 Pack of Public Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet seats are similarly public locations with a lot of human contact. Many people are not comfortable with public toilet seats in the best of times and certainly not with a virus on the loose. One handy solution is to carry your own toilet seat covers so you’re never relying on the venue or airplane to have an available supply.

These easy-to-dispense and handily flushable toilet seat covers come in a pack of 50 – enough to last your entire travel time between your home and your destination where your immunity bubble can be maintained.

Keep yourself safe in public washrooms.

4) Citrus Travel Wipes

Travel can make a number of messes, from snack-greasy hands to spilled drinks. Whether you’re flying solo or traveling with children, it’s important to always be ready for the clean-up. Travel wipes are that preparation. Many savvy parents discovered early that a pack of baby wipes can solve a seemingly infinite number of problems. But baby wipes specifically are formulated for gentle and moisturizing action. Travel wipes are designed just a little different, optimized for the needs of clean hands and clean surfaces instead of clean sensitive areas.

The citrus scent of this pack of travel wipes makes them perfect to bring both actual and perceptible cleanliness to your travel experience. Quickly clean your hands, wipe down your items, and even fight stains from travel spills in seconds. They’re also packaged in handy one-use packets so there’s no risk of a cascade mess either.

Grab a pack of citrus travel wipes.

5) Mini First-Aid Kit

Travel injuries can be especially troublesome without your usual medicine cabinet or family doctor nearby. In times of COVID, you particularly want to minimize the risk of exposure or infection should any injuries occur. From papercuts to mild burns to serious injuries, you want to be ready for anything when away from home.

The best way to do that is with a mini first aid kit. The kind of kit that can fit into your carry-on or purse, this first aid kit will make sure you’re ready. In a sturdy and unmistakably red case, the kit comes with a variety of first-aid practical supplies and can be equipped with anything that zips between the clamshell sides.

Get your own mini first-aid kit.

6) Camelbak Waterbottles

There’s no disputing that camelbak water bottles are especially useful. With the handy straw and travel design, you don’t even have to heft and swig your water to stay hydrated. Camelbak is having a specialty winter sale where past-season bottles and pack styles are up to 50% off. Plus the bonus of free shipping on orders over $25.

Grab your camelbak and hydrate in style on the go.

7) Luxury Resort Deals a Beaches

Want to really be prepared? Prepare yourself with an amazing all-inclusive resort vacation with Beaches. The Beaches brand resorts are featuring winter and specialty season deals for anyone traveling during these trying times. Check out their campaign page and book an extra 7% or more off specific rooms.

8) Avenue to Book Cheap Flights

Another great way to prep for safe travel is to book your flights ahead of time – and save your budget for safety gear and no-contact logistics. With cheap flights taken care of, you can spend the rest of your time and travel budget ensuring that everyone is exactly where they need to be – from printing your ticket to booking private transport to the hotel once you land.

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9) Organizer Travel Bags

Ever find that you can never fit your clothes back into the suitcase once you unpack? Hate rummaging around in your suitcase for a clean pair of socks? Need to keep several categories of packed items separate from each other? Travel bags are the answer. These mini rectangular bags dont’ travel on their own. They’re designed to fit inside your suitcase, keeping everything neat and organized without the deep dig-through pile of travel stuff.

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10) Capman Travel Packs

For the camping enthusiast, you know that a common school backpack just won’t do for packing everything you need to survive in the wilderness. Whether you’re upgrading your pack or gifting to a camping companion child or friend, capman has you covered. Capman travel packs and camping gear is now available with free shipping for this year’s camping trip needs.

Check out Capman and stock up on what you need.

11) The PETT Camping Toilet

For a bonus, we’ve got one more piece of gear that could make your COVID travel easier and safer than ever before: A portable toilet. We know it’s not glamorous, but its clean, safe, and much more comfortable than squatting in the woods. For the serious camper or for serious no-contact road trips, the PETT camp toilet is a great way to stay comfy and very far from everyone else while out of the house this year.

Try your PETT camping toilet.

Traveling during COVID is risky business, but sometimes travel is a must. Whether you’re flying for work or taking an emergency break in the great outdoors, stay isolated and stay safe.