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Best String Lights for Your Outdoor Space


When you’re figuring out how to decorate an outdoor space, one of the most important elements is lighting – and yet, it’s one of the most commonly forgotten!

Outdoor lighting comes in many different forms, but there’s one type that’s definitely having its time to shine right now: string lights. Surprisingly versatile and easy to use, outdoor string lights can quickly turn your backyard or balcony into your favorite place at home. And while the classic, cafe-style lights are hugely popular, you can also choose from a variety of other styles to suit your personal taste.

Here are the best outdoor string lights for every season and space, yours included!

1. Smart Outdoor Patio Light RGB Color & White LED Lights

Smart lighting is sweeping our tech-savvy world, and for a good reason. From your smartphone, you can control everything from the color to the brightness of these lights, plus turn them on and off with ease! These RGB Color and White LED string lights offer 16 million possible color combinations so that you can set the scene for any occasion, holiday, or party imaginable.

High-quality materials and construction ensure that your lights will stand up to the elements, with an expected lifespan of 20+ years. Link up to six strands, then use your smartphone or voice control device to brighten up your space.

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2. Outdoor String Lights LED Waterproof for Patio Balcony

These colorful bulbs are unbreakable, so even the windiest weather and surprise storms can’t take them down. With an easy-to-hang design, you can have these string lights up in no time, minus the frustration of other styles. Plus, everything is controlled via a remote control for maximum convenience.

There are dozens of modes to choose from, including color-changing and music-activated settings to perk up any party.

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3. Ollny LED Outdoor String Lights, 50FT Commercial Grade Waterproof

An affordable option for large patios, pergolas, and other outdoor areas, this 50-foot string of outdoor lights is commercial-grade for extra durability. The LED bulbs are shatter-proof, and the string itself is manufactured with weatherproof technology.

With the option to switch between warm white and multi-colored illumination, as well as settings for twinkle, fading, and wave modes (and more), you can get creative and use your outdoor lights to set the mood. Plus, these bulbs are spaced slightly closer together than other styles, creating a brighter and more vibrant color.

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4. Solar Curtain String Lights Outdoor

Searching for outdoor lights for a wedding, party, or even just a special corner of your backyard? Add a curtain of twinkling, solar-powered lights with this unique product! The soft white light is the perfect shade for a romantic occasion, while the curtain design makes it possible to use the lights in many different ways: as a backdrop for photos, to highlight a dance floor, and so many others.

Solar stakes eliminate the need for a nearby electrical outlet, automatically charging during the daytime hours and then powering up the lights at dusk. 300 individual LED bulbs across ten strings to create an ethereal glow and can be adjusted to different programming options depending on your preference.

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5. Extendable Rope Lights

Equally suited for outdoor and indoor use, these extendable rope lights are 100% waterproof and easy to install. Thanks to the clear, flexible plastic that encases the bulbs, you can bend the product to suit the curves and edges of a balcony, patio roof, gazebo, or virtually anything else.

The included remote gives you one-push access to 16 different colors and multiple modes, including timer functionality. Set the lights to follow your preferred mode, activate the timer, then get back to enjoying your outdoor space.

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6. Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Discover the endless possibilities of lighting technology with these outdoor strip lights, which are a major upgrade to your outdoor lights of years past. The slim strip design makes the lights virtually undetectable when they’re powered off, so you can add them to any exterior surface or outdoor space without detracting from the overall design.

Millions of color options and 64 scene modes combine with music synchronization and more, so you can add a pop of personality with the touch of a button. Remote control and Bluetooth access keep everything within easy reach, and you also have the option to automate your lights with the matching app’s timer function.

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7. American Advanced Flag String Lights

Light up your spirit of patriotism with these red, white, and blue string lights in an American flag design! Perfect for a Fourth of July party and everyday display alike, these flag string lights are a fun way to express your American pride.

The included clear frame makes installation a breeze, while the LED lights conserve energy and help you cut costs. Because the lights are already arranged in the flag display, simply plug, power on, and enjoy!

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8. Outdoor Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

Add instant charm to your backyard with these mason jar string lights. Each mini jar is filled with small, fairy-style LED lights for a magical effect, automatically illuminating a warm white once it’s dark. Small solar panels on each jar lid serve as the power source, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to plug in your new string lights.

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and durable plastic combine for an all-weather construction.

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9. Solar Flickering Flame String Lights

Create the look and feel of a candlelit outdoor space without the frustration of flames, thanks to these flickering flame string lights! A single solar panel powers the entire, 27-foot string, so you can hang these lights anywhere you please. Once winter arrives, you can relocate your lights to a cozier space and use the included USB cable for charging.

Bulbs are waterproof and shatter-proof, and commercial-grade materials make this a worthy investment. The thoughtful design also features a small hang ring above each bulb socket, so you can easily position the string to your liking.

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10. Moroccan String Lights

Add a global flair to your garden, patio, or backyard with these Moroccan-inspired string lights. The beautiful rose gold bulbs are equally stunning in daytime hours, and the hollow globe design creates lovely patterns of light after dark.

These string lights are battery-powered, but the manufacturer also offers USB and solar-powered options as well.

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