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Best Bath Shower Caddies

The right shower caddy can corral all your necessities with style, tidying up your bathroom and making it easier than ever to wash, rinse, and repeat. And while it used to be that you had just a few bland and basic designs for bath caddies and shower organizers, online shopping sites are virtually overflowing with options now.

You might be skeptical about whether you really need a shower or bath caddy. But after working our way through dozens of best-selling brands and products, we’re confident that a caddy can truly elevate your everyday routines. We’ve put together our top ten picks for the best bath and shower caddies, giving you a variety of ways to enjoy some self-care with a splash of style.

1. Kadolina Bathroom Hanging Shower Caddy Organizer

A place for everything, and everything in its place – that will be your new mantra with this hanging shower caddy and organizer from Kadolina. It takes just seconds to set it up because it hangs right on any showerhead. Suction cups keep it in place, while four built-in hooks offer spots to hang a razor, loofah, washcloth, and other must-haves. Best of all, this shower caddy is rust-resistant, so you’ll be able to enjoy its modern aesthetic and smart functionality for a long time.

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2. Bath SoftGrip Shower Caddy Organizer with Handle

Perfect for college students, roommates, kids, and anyone that wants the convenience of shower basics on the go, this budget-friendly shower caddy is just the right size. The design includes two sturdy and fully moveable handles, so you can take it anywhere, anytime. You’ll be prepared to keep shared spaces free from clutter with next to no effort. The easy-wipe plastic can be cleaned in seconds but is extra-durable to stand up to frequent use.

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3. XcE Bathtub Caddy Tray

Are you more of a bath person? This beautiful bathtub caddy turns a bath into a complete experience, setting you up for the ultimate in relaxation and self-care. Use the extendable handles to securely balance it across your tub, accommodating tubs up to 40 inches wide and preventing sliding with non-slip pads. Side trays and divided sections are provided to hold snacks, a glass of wine, a candle, and anything else you might want within easy reach. Plus, the bookstand accommodates your current read or a tablet, so you can catch up on a few chapters or the latest streaming TV series. 

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4. ATEMA Adhesive Corner Shower Caddy with Hooks – 2 Pack

This corner caddy makes smart use of space, providing you with two shelves and four hooks for maximum storage. The anti-falling design is different from most other shower caddies, which often make it difficult to store small items without them constantly falling through the gaps. Thanks to the super-strong adhesive pads, no drilling – or damage – is needed for set-up. Waterproof, rustproof, and capable of holding up to 33 pounds, the corner shower caddy from ATEMA is a solid option.

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5. mDesign Portable Storage Organizer Caddy Tote 

If you prefer to keep it simple, then this portable storage caddy from mDesign is for you. You might be surprised to see that this no-frills tote has hundreds and hundreds of user reviews, but the classic construction is exactly what people love about this caddy. It does exactly what it should: provides you with a container for your shower supplies (shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap, washcloth, and more), as well as a handle for grab and go functionality. The sectioned design keeps bottles from tipping over, minimizing mess and frustration.

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6. Adhesive Wall-Mounted Shower Caddy/Bathroom Shelf Organizer with 5 Hooks 

With its sleek, modern style, this wall-mounted organizer will complement any bathroom design. The two shelves use a special adhesive to stick to your shower or wall, so you’ll never have to drill a single hole. Measuring just under 16 inches in length, the shower shelf organizer is well suited to a compact shower and oversized, spa-style space alike. There are several built-in hooks and a hanging bar for a razor, washcloth, and other items, so you can organize everything and still have storage to spare. The fast-draining design keeps mildew and mold at bay, while the high-quality aluminum won’t rust, fade, scratch, or dent.

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7. Corner Shower Caddy with Suction Cups

Created by Luxear, this corner shower caddy has unique suction cups that rely on vacuum-seal technology to guarantee a secure hold. You’ll have the benefit of being able to move and adjust the caddy whenever you want, without having to worry about it crashing down on you unexpectedly. Despite its compact size, the space-saving caddy holds up to 22 pounds between its main shelf and the several open hooks below. 

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8. Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides and Free Soap Dish

Bring a new level of luxury to bath time with this caddy tray, made from premium organic bamboo in your choice of stylish shades. The sides extend to fit most standard tubs, including clawfoot bathtubs. A reading rack, wine glass holder, and multiple accessory slots make it simple to set up a relaxing, peaceful bath experience. The bamboo is protected with a layer of high-quality lacquer, adding an extra line of defense against water damage, stains, fading, and more. 

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9. Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy 

From college campus to your local gym, your summer vacation to the scenic campsite, this mesh shower caddy is something that comes in handy just about anywhere. The mesh material is incredibly lightweight, surprisingly durable yet easy to fold up and take on the go. Once you open up the caddy, it can hold an impressive amount of stuff – between the large center compartment and eight outer pockets, you can carry all your shower supplies, plus more. Even when you pack the mesh shower caddy to the brim, the reinforced handle won’t rip.

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10. Shower Caddy Hanging Toiletry Bag 

More than just a shower caddy, this multifunctional organizer can be used for travel, cosmetics, and many other purposes. The extra-large capacity includes multiple slots and flexible belts, keeping all your products secure and upright. Once you unzip the top, you’ll have a handy hook to hang the caddy up in a shower or anywhere else you’d like your items within convenient reach. A combination of mesh, nylon, and fabric offers both ventilation and durability, preventing water buildup, mildew, and wear and tear.

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