10 Awesome Yard Games For Your Next Cookout

We are in the middle of spring, and summer is just around the corner. It’s a great time of year for enjoying the outdoors with friends and family — and enjoying some awesome games you can play in your backyard! Here are 10 awesome yard games you should bring out for your next cookout:

1. Backyard Bowling

The Hey! Play! Lawn Bowling Game includes 10 bowling pins (each 8 inches tall), 2 bowling balls that are 2.5″ in diameter, and a carrying bag to put everything away once you’re done. With this set, you and your friends can play either European Skittle Ball or Classic Ten Pin. It’s a great way to get the kids and the adults involved for hours of outdoor fun.

The pins are built with durable, beautiful New Zealand pine wood, and are polished for a shiny appearance. The set works for both indoor and outdoor entertainment, but is best for a short-cut lawn, sand, or carpet.  You can buy it today for only $33.26!

2. Yard Pong

ROPODA’s yard pong game (also known as “bucketball”) can provide hours of outdoor entertainment for enthusiasts of all ages! This set includes 12 buckets, 2 tennis balls, 2 special yard pong balls, and a durable carrying bag.

The buckets are made of high quality plastic so that you can play with them again and again. And the two types of balls each offer a unique game-play experience. How good is your aim? Can you toss the balls into all the buckets before your opponent? You can find out if you purchase this set today for the low price of $39.99.

3. “Yardzee”

For fans of the classic dice game Yahtzee who also love the outdoors, this yard game from ROPODA is an absolute must. This entertaining and educational game is a blast for both kids and adults alike.

This set contains six giant, intricately-designed, beautifully crafted dice made out of New Zealand pine; a durable, collapsible bucket in which to carry the dice; one dry-erase marker; and two scoreboards (with instructions on the back). The dice are 100% weather resistant, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the fun of “Yardzee” for years to come. Buy it today at a 28% discount, for only $33.99.

4. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is an absorbing outdoor game that can tease your brain and make you smile at the same time! This durable, expertly crafted set of 8 bocce balls from Juegoal is made from premium poly-resin. The set also includes one 40mm white pallino (cue ball), one hardy storage bag, and one measuring rope. You can take your bocce balls anywhere, and start a fascinating game for all ages. You can purchase this set for $35.99 today.

5. Kan Jam Flying Disc Game

Kan Jam is an outrageously fun game, and is perfect for spending time with friends and family outdoors! It shares a lot of similarities with other popular outdoor games, such as cornhole, washer toss, and horseshoes.

This disc toss set includes 2 Kan Jam goals (the black buckets with a slot in them), and 1 flying disc. The point of the game is to take turns throwing the disc at the opposing team’s goal — and if you can make it into the slot, your team instantly wins!

Kan Jam is American-made. A challenging game for beginners and experts alike, you can buy this set for $39.99.

6. Horseshoes

This classic outdoor game conjures up images of slower times — when cowboys roamed the West, and generations bonded over a simple, yet entertaining game. Horseshoes remains a go-to game for any outdoor gathering, whether it’s a cookout, a picnic, or a day at the beach.

With Triumph’s steel horseshoes set, you can enjoy a modernized take on a beloved classic. This set comes with two 20″ stakes that feature a silver, hammered finish, and four cast-iron horseshoes that are rust-resistant and highly durable. Get ready to set your sights on the goal, and toss that winning ringer! Triumph’s Steel Horseshoes Set is only $34.30.

7. Croquet

If you’re in the mood for an outdoor activity that’s equal parts relaxing and engaging, then croquet may be the perfect match for you. This classic yard game has been played at garden parties and cookouts for many decades, and it remains one of the most popular outdoor games to this day.

With Juegoal’s croquet set, you can enjoy the fun and good-natured competition of croquet at your next outdoor event. This set includes 6 hardwood handles and their matching mallets (with protective caps); 2 hardwood ending stakes, both 18″ long; 6 durable, weather-resistant balls; and 9 steel wickets.

It’s super easy to assemble the handles and mallets, and all the equipment can fit neatly into an extra drawing bag. Buy the set today for $43.99.

8. “Dartz”

This set of kid-friendly lawn darts from ToyerZ will provide wholesome outdoor entertainment for young and old alike! The set includes 4 plastic lawn darts, each 9″ long; 1 double layer target mat to play on the lawn; 4 pegs to secure the mat; and 1 tote bag for storage. You and your family will have a blast trying to hit a bulls-eye with these “dartz,” and will enjoy a lot of laughs in the process! You can purchase the set for $32.99.

9. YEEBAY Outdoor Game Set

This flying disc game from YEEBAY comes with 1 flying disc, 2 stands, and a tote bag (targets are not included). You can set up targets on the stands like plastic bottles or soda cans, and then test out your accuracy with a disc (game rules are included). This is a fun outdoor game for your next outdoor gathering. You can buy the set today for $19.99.

10. Giant Wooden “4 in a Row” Game

This fun game from GoSports can be easily set up indoors or outdoors. It includes a wooden board that is over 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall; 42 durable plastic game pieces (or “coins”); and a robust, portable carrying case. This game is available in a classic white or dark stain finish. If you enjoy a brain-teasing activity for two, then be sure to buy this classic game from GoSports for $69.99.

Spring is here, and summer is coming. It’s time to enjoy cookouts with friends and family — and outdoor games as well! To ensure maximum enjoyment for everyone, be sure to take advantage of these deals while they’re still available. And have fun outdoors!